What's the difference between Sikuli & SikuliX?#

Sikuli started in 2009 as an open-source research project at the User Interface Design Group at MIT.

When Tsung-Hsiang Chang and Tom Yeh left the project during 2012, Raiman started adding features, enhancing and supporting the new SikuliX since then.

Can I run SikuliX without a Screen?#

The system running SikuliX scripts or any apps using SikuliX features must have a real screen connected. So called headless systems are not supported (Java restriction). While using SikuliX features, the screen should not be in sleep mode nor show a screen saver.

Can I use my machine while SikuliX is running?#

While running SikuliX scripts or any apps using SikuliX features on a system, usually one cannot work on this system in parallel, not even on another monitor, since normally SikuliX will "use" mouse and/or keyboard and watches the screen according to the running SikuliX workflow. User actions on this system will normally corrupt the SikuliX workflow, except this is intended and supported by the workflow.

Do I need to script in Java?#

You can write your SikuliX scripts in any of Js, Python(Jython) or Ruby.