How to contribute

Contributing to SikuliX#

Have fun working with SikuliX? You can do more than just being a user! There are many ways you can help SikuliX’s development:

  • Blog or tweet about SikuliX. Share your cool scripts and ideas to the world and let more people know how cool SikuliX is.

  • Add a link to the official homepage of SikuliX

  • Report bugs or request new features by opening a new issue on Github.

  • Answer questions about SikuliX on Stackoverflow.

  • Fix bugs or add features from submitting a pull request on Github.

  • Translate SikuliX into your language and help more people who speak different languages to access SikuliX. You can help us to

    • translate SikuliX IDE’s interface and SikuliX’s messages, or
    • translate SikuliX’s documentation (this site you are reading).