Welcome to the new webpage

Raimund Hocke (RaiMan)

Raimund Hocke (RaiMan)

SikuliX Chief Developer ;-)

First I want to express great thanks to Waleed Sadek, who made the basic suggestions for layout and tools. He also implemented the basics on github.io and started to fill some content in the docs section. And he designed the new logo, which by the reddish color and the eye sketch (Sikuli means God's eye) reminds us of the inventors of Sikuli and the last 10 years.

The new site is set up with Docusaurus2, which is rather easy to handle in the basics (landing page, docs and blog) and it is GitHub friendly, which helps to keep everything in one place.

Hope you enjoy it.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Raimund aka RaiMan